When we find someone crying, our first instinct is to think that something bad has happened. We feel that the tears are an outpouring of pain and hurt. While that may be the case, the surprising truth is that a bout of crying can be quite beneficial. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of crying.

Crying Improves Relationships

The most obvious way that crying is helpful is that it diffuses tense and challenging interactions. If two people are infscfscsf conflict and both of them are treating the situation unemotionally, there can be a tendency for things to get worse. Both people can get more distant from each other as they stubbornly fight for their positions.

However, if one of them happens to begin crying for some reason, it automatically brings a more open and caring response from the other. Being sympathetic towards someone who is crying seems to be something that humans are naturally wired to do. The tears can result in the pair connecting better with each other on an emotional level. Honest expressions of emotion can lead to better communication and more stable relationships. However, don’t pretend to cry just to get sympathy. Faking tears can make things far worse if the other person figures out what is going on.

Tears Relieve Stress

Another way that crying can help is that it can release unpleasant toxins from the body. When stress produces tears, the body uses crying as a way of getting rid of cortisol, the stress hormone. This is why after the crying is over, a person will often feel peaceful and relaxed. You can think of the tears as a stress reliever.

However, it is not just physical toxins that get released; it is also mental ones. Crying can help release pent-up bad feelings and frustrations. Negative thoughts often evaporate after tears are shed.

Unleashing Creativity

sfscfscsCrying also has other benefits – it can put you in touch with your creativity. Strong emotions expressed through crying can help someone get in contact with his or her sensitive side. This is the side that is often the most creatively-focused. There is something about the emotions that are expressed through crying that tends to humanize an artistic work. It is almost as if the crying helps communicate these raw feelings directly to the audience.

As we have seen, shedding tears can be a good thing. The natural act of crying can be beneficial to ourselves, our relationships, and our works of art. The next time you see somebody burst into tears, remember that some positive effects may come from it.